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Nirenstein Attorneys Incorporated is a Cape Town based commercial law firm offering valuable expert legal services with integrity.

We believe in developing relationships with our clients by offering a personalised, quality and solution based service.

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The firm has extensive experience in various fields including commercial transactions, contractual disputes, insolvency law, insurance law, procurement matters, construction disputes, intellectual property disputes, property law, employment law, commercial fraud and related forensics.

See our practice expertise 

Our practice expertise


We represent clients in various forums and in regard to a broad spectrum of practice areas. We have extensive experience and provide pragmatic and strategically sound advice.


Every matter is unique in its own right, as is every client. We approach every matter holistically and with a view to resolving same in our clients’ best interests, whether by alternative dispute resolution mechanisms or otherwise.


Disputes frequently arise when it comes to the sale, transfer, habitation and development of properties. In addition, there are documents to be drawn up, as well as sales and developments to be negotiated. We will represent and guide you through this process.


The employment relationship is difficult to navigate, especially when regard is had to the often changing labour legislation. We advise employers and employees as regards their rights and act in various labour disputes. We also prepare employment contracts and chair disciplinary hearings.


We have acted for and against insurers in court and through the Ombudsman. We have been particularly active in the flurry of business interruption claims and litigation in the wake of COVID-19 and the consequent National Lockdown.


We structure and draft various commercial agreements tailored to your needs.